• Ariel Cameron

Honeymoon in Greece

A year after our honeymoon, I am so excited to share all of our trip details with you! It was absolutely the perfect week for us so hopefully you will find some of the details helpful when planning your own trip to Greece.

Matt and I got married on May 11, 2019. Our flight out of Atlanta wasn't until 10pm the next day so we had most of Sunday available before we had to be at the airport. We decided to go watch the Atlanta United soccer team play which was so much fun! By the time we arrived in Athens, Greece, it was around dinner time on Monday. While in Athens, we stayed at the O&B Athens Boutique Hotel. Upon our arrival, they welcomed us with the most adorable spread (pictured left) and gave great recommendations our whole stay, The first night when we arrived, still a little jet lagged, they mentioned an adorable restaurant within walking distance (I don't remember the name - so sorry!) where we ate our favorite food of the whole trip (pictured right). Essentially it was a fried ricotta drizzled in honey creation.

I also have to share how sweet the O&B Athens Boutique Hotel was to us during our stay.. Upon learning that we were there for our honeymoon, they upgraded our room to have a balcony view directly to the Colosseum.

Although our hotel had breakfast, we skipped those options because our first morning was booked with a walking food tour. In this moment, I realized that whenever I am in a country for a shorter amount of time, I am always going to try and book a food tour. We got to see so much of the city in an efficient way and tried way more food than we would have had time for otherwise. Scroll through to see some of my favorite pictures from our food tour with Athens Walking Tours.

During our tour, we walked past this (honestly it is for sure a tourist trap) for some quick pictures. It wasn't an official stop on the tour; however, one night Matt and I were walking back to our hotel after dinner and happened to pass by this restaurant again so we decided a quick stop for cake wasn't the worst thing in the world (super touristy or not!). And to be fair, we did try and go somewhere else for dessert first, but they were already closed for the day.

We also spent one afternoon exploring the Colosseum. We actually super lucked out and went at a random time when they happened to be doing free admission so we didn't even have to pay for our visit. Exploring the Colosseum was followed by more walking around Athens and picking out a spot for dinner which ended up being delicious pizza/calzones.

After some time in Athens, it was time to fly into Mykonos. Matt and I debated for awhile which island we wanted to spend time on. In an ideal world, we could have island hopped for a couple of weeks but vacation time only lasted for so long. Because of limited time, we wanted to spend our time on one island instead of constantly moving which meant we were really deciding between Mykonos and Santorini (I know there's so many great things about some of the other islands, but we knew we wanted to pick between the "main" two for our honeymoon). Really our decision came down to our hotel. We could stay in a SUPER nice hotel in Mykonos and a more mid-tier hotel in Santorini (post-wedding budget ya know). Most of the time when we are traveling, my hotel is the least of my concerns because I'm rarely there. As long as it is safe and pretty clean, it works for me. However, we knew for our honeymoon with lots of relaxing time, we wanted the hotel to be a big factor in our decision. And man was that the right decision. We spent a week at Rocabella Mykonos, and I know I say that I highly recommend something a lot, but this one is top of my recommendations. I mean just look at the view below.

Note: Mykonos has very limited public transportation. There aren't a lot of taxis or other forms of public transport, so if you are booking a hotel, make sure it comes with some sort of shuttle service to get around the island easily.

Again, the hospitality in Greece is incredible. Another adorable spread ready for us honeymooners.

One of the things we really wanted with our hotel room is a private hot tub. Truthfully it was a random thing we both got very fixated on and something about it felt very "honeymoon" to us. And honestly, if it is in your budget, I would say go for it. We loved it.

We also spent time by the pool and getting massages from the hotel.

The food. Oh my gosh the food. As you read more of my blog posts, you'll probably learn that I am actually not a huge foodie (I know, I know). Most of the time while traveling, I'm looking for the most fun adventure, best pictures, and opportunities to meet great people. The food is typically a nice bonus. BUT this trip quickly became all about the food for me. I couldn't get enough. Each morning we had an all inclusive breakfast downstairs by the pool. We debated doing breakfast in bed one day but the weather was just too nice to pass up.

Then we learned that our hotel was also home to the #1 restaurant on the island so we ate at our normal breakfast table for dinner one night.

Note: A lot of the restaurants provide blankets for guests when it becomes a little chilly at night.

The complimentary dessert with our meal came with these three candies. The candy in the top right is actually a piece with an edible wrapper.

We spent quite awhile in Mykonos town. The pictures below are from our first night in Mykonos. I hadn't thought about blogging this trip so I did a terrible job taking note of the restaurants we ended up eating at, but I will do better in the future!

I also convinced Matt to let me have a day walking around Mykonos town before it got too crowded so I could take lots of pictures. Some of my favorites are below.

Bakery visit complete with employee photoshoot - check.

One afternoon we rented a car to explore more of the island. We went and got drinks from a beach bar and then headed to the cutest spot for lunch. This restaurant is one where when you walk up, the owner is sitting out front and remembers your name and who is next on the list all by memory. He has complimentary boxed wine available for guests as they wait. All of the food is cooked in the brick oven pictured below. So so good.

One of the nights we headed into town to see the windmills at sunset and then grabbed dinner at a great restaurant near that area.

Lastly but certainly not least, we also spent a day at sea. We booked a day cruise to Delos through a company called Sunfos Alessia Yachting. They picked us up from our hotel and took us directly to the port and took us back at the end of the day. Lunch was provided as well as a guided tour of Delos. Another great activity that I would recommend doing if you have time while in Mykonos!

It was the best week to start life as The Camerons. Let me know if you have any questions about our time in Greece!